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Your application

The application period for the summer semester has ended. Applications for the winter semester 2022/23 are possible from June.

The Theologisches Konvikt is open to students of all faculties and religious persuasions. Its deliberate orientation in christian values manifests itself in an open atmosphere of mutual respect, of equality and of freedom in our shared living space (communal living).

From all its residents the Theologisches Konvikt expects a readiness to live in community, to demonstrate special engagement in the house as well as to be open to questions of faith and ecumenical encounters.

The multifaceted life in our house is organised by the residents themselves within the framework of the registered association "Gemeinschaft des Theologischen Konvikts Berlin e.V." Membership in the association is therefore a requirement within the rental agreement.

Applications are only accepted through our application form (see below).

An application must include:
  1. Motivation letter (Why do you wish to live in the Konvikt (as opposed to other forms of living)? Information on religious and social engagement, cultural interests etc. In what ways do you wish to get involved in the Konvikt? (e.g. What ideas do you bring into communal living?)

  2. Curriculum vitae

  3. A copy of your identification card (both, front and back) or passport

  4. Current university enrollment certificate (in case you already have one)

  5. Confirmation from your most recent landlord that you are free of debt

  6. Proof of monthly income (e.g. evidence of receiving Bafög or a scholarship; statement on financial support by parents, if available)