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Your application

Applications for the winter semester 2022/23 are possible until 30 June 2022.

The Theologische Konvikt is open to students of all faculties and denominations. It is consciously oriented towards a Christian image of man. This is expressed in our core values: acceptance, kindness, patience, inclusion, sustainability, charity and solidarity.

It is important for us to create structures that are sensitive to discrimination and to make the Konvikt in particular a safer place for queer people and BIPoc as well as other marginalised groups.

How we organise our community is written in our rules of living together. As a community, we reject all forms of violence, border violations and discrimination, such as Ableism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, queerophobia, racism, sexism and comparable attitudes.

The Theological Konvict expects residents to be willing to live together, to be particularly committed to the house and to be open to theological questions and ecumenical encounters.

We especially welcome applications from people who have fewer opportunities in the regular housing market. If you wish, you can provide information about this in your letter of motivation.

A complete application includes the following documents:

1. the most important document is the letter of motivation. This is read by the admissions committee without the other documents and should therefore stand on its own. You are welcome to make it anonymous if you wish.

In your letter of motivation, you should answer the following questions: Why do you want to join the Konvikt? What do you want to bring to the Konvikt? You are welcome to add information about social commitment, cultural interests, etc. or tell us what else we need to consider in your application.

2. curriculum vitae in tabular form (with references to your previous place of residence, subjects studied)

3. copy of your passport

4. certificate of enrolment (if already available)

5. certificate that you have no rent debts (if you have lived in rented accommodation before)

6. proof of monthly income (e.g. BAFÖG or scholarship certificate; parents' guarantee, if available)

The protection of your data is important to us. Your details will only be read by the selection committee (letter of motivation, CV, ID) or by the landlord (ID, matriculation, no rent debts and proof of income). If we are unable to offer you a room, all data will be deleted.


Application form

Application for a room in the Theologisches Konvikt
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